Final Harvest Home schedule is up!

September 14th, 2009 § 0

The Harvest Home Magic and Music festival is shaping up! We are pleased to announce that the final schedule for the event is now posted!

See what workshops and rituals your CAYA clergy has in store! See when your favorite musical guest will be performing!

This is all being put on for YOU – and we can not wait to see you there!

Harvest Home 2009 Schedule

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September 1st, 2009 § 0

We’re getting closer and closer to the magical weekend of Harvest Home! There are a whole lot of talented and wonderful folks making this happen, and we’re going to enjoy a lovely time.

Registration costs are $100 per adult for the entire weekend, & 40 per child for the entire weekend.

For a single day, the cost is $25 per adult, and children under 18 are free.

Click to your left “Register Today” to let us know you’re coming. Everyone who is registered will receive a complete packing list, map, driving directions, and schedule of events right after Labor Day weekend so you can begin to prepare.

Check out some of our highlights:

Warding 101 with Jack of Bears on Friday opens the camp with a wonderful practice of creating magical protections of the land, the campers, and all who will share sacred space with us. Plus tips and techniques to try in your daily life!

On Saturday:
A workshop on making Fairy Houses for adults and children of all ages! Gathering natural materials, create homes and altars for the fairies with Rowan!

The Boneyard ritual for the Dying God: Greywolf and Rabbit lead a procession to the site’s Boneyard to mourn the passing of summer and embrace the long, slow descent into winter. This leads right into a lively and powerful Mabon ritual.

Meanwhile, in Amazons camp, the lovely Maia Mermaid leads an honoring ritual to Aphrodite! Bringing the ocean to the desert!

Sunday there will be a small marketplace with local crafts: nothing commercial, just the handicrafts of men and women who, like you, revere the Earth.

And there is so much more! Keep your eyes peeled for updates as time goes forward.

Our Musical Guests!

August 30th, 2009 § 0

We have confirmed some of the musical guests for the Harvest Home Festival!

Fontain’s M.U.S.E. (website)
This unique duo has enraptured audiences throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego with their mix of Improvisation, Alternative and Eastern styles since 2000. Fontain’s M.U.S.E. has performed for the popular Sonoma County Harmony Festival as well as Techno-Tribal Groove Temple. They are a regular feature at annual events like Pagan Pride in Berkeley and Pantheacon in San Jose.

Irina Rivkin (website)
Outmusic Awards Recipient for OutSong of the Year 2003 & Nominee for Outstanding Debut Recording 2005, Rose Street House of Music founder and singer-songwriter Irina Rivkin has performed for 25 years!

Also known to many CAYA regulars as Cat, is the fiddler who often brings the gift of her music to our rituals. She has recently returned from a trip to the Shetland Islands, where she has learned even more fiddle tunes to share with us.

Dick Bagwell (website)
A many-talented musician/composer/storyteller/author/teacher/actor/dancer who has performed at Renaissance Faires, Celtic Fairs, the California Christmas Revels, music festivals, theatre festivals, and, of course, pubs, in the Bay Area and around the world. He is the Squire of theDeer Creek Morris Men  of Palo Alto and the author of “The Pipe and Tabor Tutor”

David Borough
David has won awards from South Bay Songwriters (now,West Coast Songwriters), and the Napa Valley Folk Festival. He has appeared solo and with his band Radio Rail from the Gold Rush Festival in Old Town Sacramento to the Cold Springs Tavern in Santa Ynez. David feels that music is compassion and that metaphorical images create a deep connection between singer/musician and an audience. David also appears with Cassady’s Hammer and the O’Daveys Irish Band.

The beauty of the wild high desert

August 28th, 2009 § 0

Stone City is some of the most beautiful high desert I have seen- the scrub is scrubby, the earth is a rich brown, the stands of evergreen and pine are blessed shade under the sun.  We are gearing up for a wonderful festival- so much to enjoy!  The magic, the collaborative musical offerings, the drumming, the workshops and rituals, as well as the artists and craftspeople bringing their wares.

We are delighted to welcome friends from near and far, and to welcome YOU!  Have you registered yet?  Better take a minute to make your payment and hold your space!  We have so much to offer: a shrine to Aphrodite, a beautiful standing stone circle, a labyrinth.  It’s going to be beautiful and so much fun!

Questions?  Drop us an e-mail cayacoven (at) gmail (dot) com.  Or just log in to your Paypal account and send us your registration fees directly to that address.  See you there!

News from your Harvest Home committee!

August 7th, 2009 § 0

Hello attendees and potential-attendees! We finally have some news and information for you about the upcoming Harvest Home Magic and Music Festival. It has taken us a little time, but things are really starting to get into action!

This past weekend several of us were able to make the trip up to Stone City Pagan Sanctuary and take a look around the land. We were all struck by what a wonderful and magical place the Sanctuary is. They have some amazing features that we cannot wait to share with all of you. The circle of standing stones alone is inspiring, and will make a fantastic place for our Mabon night ritual. The land and scenery is quite spectacular. It was so nice to meet with Shannon and Morpheus, the owners and caretakers of the land, and to see how enthusiastic they are about hosting our event. They have created a beautiful space and are a real joy to be around, we really look forward to working with them.

There are several things that we do feel compelled to share with you, as we don’t want people who have never been there to be surprised too much.

Stone City is located a little over 45 minutes to an hour outside of Livermore. To get there will require driving along 24 or so miles of VERY windy road. This means that getting back out to Livermore for food or supplies is going to take a big chunk of time if you need to do so. Also, please be extra careful driving the road, really pay attention.

The grounds are SO not flat, so be sure to bring good walking/hiking shoes with you. And this place is called Stone City for a reason, the terrain is quite rocky. Not unwalkable by any means, but not a place to be barefoot in general. Some of the paths can actually be quite steep. Best thing to do is to take your time and make your pace your own. If you need to take it slow, please do so.

There is ample parking, and most camp areas will be auto accessible to help you set up camp. Cars should then be moved to the parking area until pack-up time.

We will be up in the mountains, and there is less shade than we expected. Bring sunscreen, you will be needing it! We are looking into all possibilities for creating more shade, if you have ideas please feel free to send them along to us.

People have been asking about electricity, well the simple answer is that there is not much of it to be had. Stone City if completely “off-grid” and only uses solar energy. If anyone needs to bring special medication that requires refrigeration, we do have the facility to provide for that. Additional cold storage will not be available.

Bathroom facilities are pretty simple. There are compost toilets located near the main gathering area, and a couple of open showers nearby. We will try to accommodate privacy as much as possible. There is a small hot tub and an above ground pool that they are making available for our use, so we do have some great “cooling off” potential.

We really do believe that this location is going to be really special for this event. We may have a few challenges to overcome, but this is “camping” after all! And coming together in community and in magic can overcome most anything!

Pictures of the site are coming up soon!

–Harvest Home Committee

Witches and Wizards, Priests and Priestesses, Pagan Parties and Magical Minions of every stripe, Come As You Are Coven proudly invites you to attend our first-ever camping extravaganza!

July 26th, 2009 § 0

Harvest Home Magick & Music Festival
Sept. 18, 19 & 20, 2009
Stone City Pagan Sanctuary
Livermore, CA

Regular registration:

  • $100 per adult
  • $40 per child under 18 (children under 3 still free)
  • $25 – 1 day only

You’ve been to our fabulous rituals, you’ve attended our wild ‘n wacky social events and parties…

Now, join us out in nature for the very best of what CAYA has to offer!

3 days of workshops, rituals, and musical performances by CAYA clergy and local performers, outdoors at a beautiful pagan sanctuary where magick and wonder abound!  This is an opportunity for us to spend some time soaking up one another’s knowledge and talents, settling in to deep sacred space with one another, and opening our hearts, minds, and third eyes to the long-term vision of The Land!  Many of you have heard us in CAYA animatedly discussing our goal of acquiring land to become a pagan retreat, sanctuary, and sustainable community.  Now, it’s time to practice for that goal!  Part of our vision for the Harvest Home Festival is that we all, eventually, won’t have to go home from it because we will already BE home at a sanctuary of our own.  Join us to support and contribute to this vision of a refuge for weary urban pagans who need refreshment and renewal.  Practice makes perfect, so why not start by joyously camping with us now?

Plus, you’ll be so glad you attended!  The workshops, rituals, and performances are going to be soulful, beautiful, and inspiring.  In true CAYA fashion, we’ll be offering Interfaith, eclectic rituals and workshops, so there will be something for everyone.  We’ll be posting more information about these as the Committee makes its final selections in the coming weeks, so watch this spot for more information, but make sure to reserve YOUR spot at this event now.