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August 7th, 2009 § 0

Hello attendees and potential-attendees! We finally have some news and information for you about the upcoming Harvest Home Magic and Music Festival. It has taken us a little time, but things are really starting to get into action!

This past weekend several of us were able to make the trip up to Stone City Pagan Sanctuary and take a look around the land. We were all struck by what a wonderful and magical place the Sanctuary is. They have some amazing features that we cannot wait to share with all of you. The circle of standing stones alone is inspiring, and will make a fantastic place for our Mabon night ritual. The land and scenery is quite spectacular. It was so nice to meet with Shannon and Morpheus, the owners and caretakers of the land, and to see how enthusiastic they are about hosting our event. They have created a beautiful space and are a real joy to be around, we really look forward to working with them.

There are several things that we do feel compelled to share with you, as we don’t want people who have never been there to be surprised too much.

Stone City is located a little over 45 minutes to an hour outside of Livermore. To get there will require driving along 24 or so miles of VERY windy road. This means that getting back out to Livermore for food or supplies is going to take a big chunk of time if you need to do so. Also, please be extra careful driving the road, really pay attention.

The grounds are SO not flat, so be sure to bring good walking/hiking shoes with you. And this place is called Stone City for a reason, the terrain is quite rocky. Not unwalkable by any means, but not a place to be barefoot in general. Some of the paths can actually be quite steep. Best thing to do is to take your time and make your pace your own. If you need to take it slow, please do so.

There is ample parking, and most camp areas will be auto accessible to help you set up camp. Cars should then be moved to the parking area until pack-up time.

We will be up in the mountains, and there is less shade than we expected. Bring sunscreen, you will be needing it! We are looking into all possibilities for creating more shade, if you have ideas please feel free to send them along to us.

People have been asking about electricity, well the simple answer is that there is not much of it to be had. Stone City if completely “off-grid” and only uses solar energy. If anyone needs to bring special medication that requires refrigeration, we do have the facility to provide for that. Additional cold storage will not be available.

Bathroom facilities are pretty simple. There are compost toilets located near the main gathering area, and a couple of open showers nearby. We will try to accommodate privacy as much as possible. There is a small hot tub and an above ground pool that they are making available for our use, so we do have some great “cooling off” potential.

We really do believe that this location is going to be really special for this event. We may have a few challenges to overcome, but this is “camping” after all! And coming together in community and in magic can overcome most anything!

Pictures of the site are coming up soon!

–Harvest Home Committee

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