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September 1st, 2009 § 0

We’re getting closer and closer to the magical weekend of Harvest Home! There are a whole lot of talented and wonderful folks making this happen, and we’re going to enjoy a lovely time.

Registration costs are $100 per adult for the entire weekend, & 40 per child for the entire weekend.

For a single day, the cost is $25 per adult, and children under 18 are free.

Click to your left “Register Today” to let us know you’re coming. Everyone who is registered will receive a complete packing list, map, driving directions, and schedule of events right after Labor Day weekend so you can begin to prepare.

Check out some of our highlights:

Warding 101 with Jack of Bears on Friday opens the camp with a wonderful practice of creating magical protections of the land, the campers, and all who will share sacred space with us. Plus tips and techniques to try in your daily life!

On Saturday:
A workshop on making Fairy Houses for adults and children of all ages! Gathering natural materials, create homes and altars for the fairies with Rowan!

The Boneyard ritual for the Dying God: Greywolf and Rabbit lead a procession to the site’s Boneyard to mourn the passing of summer and embrace the long, slow descent into winter. This leads right into a lively and powerful Mabon ritual.

Meanwhile, in Amazons camp, the lovely Maia Mermaid leads an honoring ritual to Aphrodite! Bringing the ocean to the desert!

Sunday there will be a small marketplace with local crafts: nothing commercial, just the handicrafts of men and women who, like you, revere the Earth.

And there is so much more! Keep your eyes peeled for updates as time goes forward.

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