Festival Details

  • Registration fee includes camping, all classes, workshops, and rituals, daily drum circles, daily healthy breakfast, soup, green salad, and bread available at all times for lunch, dinner, or snack.
  • Arrive any time after noon on Friday, depart Sunday by 5 PM.
  • Bring your own camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, plate, bowl, spoon, fork, mug, water bottle), any foods you might like to cook and eat for yourself (we’ll provide a common barbecue grill), bring a cooler if necessary as no refrigeration is going to be available, a blanket or cloth or chair to sit on, your drum, ritual clothing and magical items for the Mabon ritual, and any fanciness you deem appropriate.  We adore outdoor fanciness. Also, maybe tuck a little bit of spending money into your shoe for our magical marketplace on Sunday!
  • There will be both co-ed and Amazon-only areas for camping, as well as rituals and workshops for men, women, and families.
  • There will be child-friendly and mommy-friendly spaces and activities- a Mommies-n-Babies tent for socializing, nursing, and resting, and even rituals/activities specifically for children ages 3-10 and their parents, run by the Priestesses of CAYA Sprouts!
  • First-aid and magickal wellness will be available at all times throughout the weekend, including free spiritual counseling and intuitive/shamanic healing.
  • Plenty of classes, workshops, and rituals, but plenty of time to rest, relax, contribute to the community mandala, meditate, or be with yourself in sacred space.
  • Crones and Elder Wizards welcome!  There will be a shade tent gathering space just for you, so you can sit, soak up good energy, offer wisdom to passers-by, tell bawdy jokes…no one’s gonna tell you what to do with your weekend!